Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

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Marcus Almeida Seminar

October 11th myself and a good friend took a road trip the Carlson Gracie Head Quarter in Chicago to train with 6 time World Champion Marcus Buchecha Almeida.

It was a full house at the Carlson Gracie HQ academy, and the feeling you get when you are sharing the mats with some of the coolest people in Chicago land area in the worlds of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is hard to put into words. A person would have to really just experience it and also be involved in the art of BJJ.

Now on to the seminar, in short it was great! It was 3 hours of linking one step to another and putting it all together by the end of the session. Marcus made the steps easy to follow and whitty and very funny. I also watched the way he interacted with the students and I could tell he enjoys teaching and cared that students walked away with the lesson plan that he taught.

Almeida, after the seminar took a short Q&A and was asked about his version and set up of the “helicopter sweep” so he took the time to show details on that sweep and explained how he pulled it off in his matches. He had us drill it and making sure we understood some details that makes the sweep a higher percent success rate.

After the seminar students and fans alike were able to take pictures with the world champ, and he seemed very happy to take pictures and like to interact with everyone there. I personally feel very honored to be in the black belt line up with all of the Carlson Gracie Team of Black Belts. It’s was almost surreal for me and when I seen the great photo of all the Black Belts, the first thing I thought to myself was what a great and cool picture. I can’t wait till the next seminar, see you on the mats!

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