2014 September

Eddie Bravo – Seminar Mr. Rubber Guard

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Just hanging out with Mr. Rubber Guard himself Eddie Bravo and Josh Jackson. For anyone who is reading this and not into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shame on you. 

If you have not heard of Eddie Bravo, grab your google and look him up after reading this. For all out here in BJJ land that fall into the same category as myself here is my experience with Eddie Bravo and his seminar at my academy Tarpeins Dojo. 

First off Eddie is a cool mo’fo! Not only did he build his own style and brand of BJJ 

(10th PlanetJJ) No small task to say the least. We started off the Friday night in the academy talking shop. Eddie agreed to do the podcast we do, IDP – Information Disclosed Project. We quickly started talking about metal and great and not so great metal band of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Eddie asked “you’re a metal head?” And it was on! 

We both shared likes and dislikes on bands and at one point talking about band we had a moment when we were discussing a band and I knew the band and some background on them, after a great chuckle he pointed and said “oh man your good you know your shit man!” 

My friend Josh, jumped in and had great questions for Eddie as well and the show went by so fast it was crazy. Josh, Eddie and myself chatted about all things conspiracies and did a new segment on the podcast of 20 questions rapid fire answers. For the record Eddie said Moon Landing – did we go and land on the moon true or false. He said false! So we tosses several more at him. It was a blast to do 20 questions. 

Seminar day – it’s a full house the mats are full and Eddie starts the seminar talking about flexibility and just a small fraction of rubber guard techniques. I am not going to talk about the series of techniques he taught, but more of the the day.

If you have not been to train with Bravo you need to. It’s very easy to see why he has a great following and it’s because the guy is a world class grappler and fantastic instructor. He is funny, witty and keeps things simple as far as truth in what he is doing with his style, 10th Planet JJ. I watched him teach and I watch him interact with all that were in attendance for the seminar and Eddie is very personable. When I see instructors like this, that are this good at teaching , it makes my try harder to be a better mentor, instructor for my academies and students. 

After 3 hr of BJJ with a group of 60 students or so, and the leader of the day Eddie Bravo the seminar came to a close. He was rushed to get to the airport, but he still took the time to take a picture with every student that was there that day, and sign books DVD’s and anything someone asked him to sign. To say the least Eddie is a great guy and a class act all the way around. Eddie if you read this, thanks again hope to have you back!

Eddie Bravo Podcast and Seminar

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Well tonight we here at Tarpeins Dojo Moline and Bettendorf will have Eddie Bravo (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guru) in the dojo and speak of all things BJJ and Conspiracies! I will look forward to learning from him and hearing what he has to say.

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All this happened this year or will with in the week.

All this happened this year or will with in the week.

All this happened this year or will with in the week.

All this happened this year or will with in the week.

Great year for Tarpeins Dojo – thinking about the next year already.

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This has been a great year for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Tarpeins Dojo Bettendorf and Moline academies. This year alone we have had the pleasure of training with some greatest pioneers in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA community. No other accredited academy here in there QCA or surrounding area can say they have done what we have as a strong legitimate academy.

We have had Jeff Neal with Carlson Gracie Team here for belt grading and seminars as well as promoting me to 1st degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Carlson Gracie Team banner.

Carlson Gracie Jr. The head chief of Carlson Gracie Team, Has also been in the Tarpeins Dojo to help in taking us to the next level. Few quick words about Jr. If you have not trained or taken his class or seminars YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Jr. Has a way of teaching so anyone can understand the technique that he is teaching and he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.

In April we had Miguel Torres, this is always a great time because he knows how to make the seminars fun and like most BJJ’ers puts a great flow of techniques together. And after the seminar Miguel is always read to thrown down some great Mexican food from Los Montes.

Now for this next seminar, Eddie Bravo, sept 13th. This is going to be epic for a few reasons. One, I know for a fact I will be going to school on this seminar. I understand a lot of the his system but I don’t use it as a big part of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game.

Two Josh and I will be doing an interview with Eddie for our podcast – Information Disclose Project or IDP for short. We will dive into BJJ talk- Metamoris – Eddie Bravo Invitational – moon landing real or fake- Anunnaki and Planet X – Sasquatch and dermal ridges – JFK – Area 51 and the Alien who liked strawberry ice cream. Roswell – Project Pegasus / Project Paperclip – DARPA the John Titor story. Secret Societies- Reptilian Elite. William Cooper – MJ-12 Illuminati and how far the reach. Eddie better pack a lunch – this is going above top secret and G-14 classified. This podcast will be every BJJ and Conspiracy lovers dream.

I know it’s only September, but I have big plans for 2015 and I continue to bring great BJJ and martial arts to the QCA next year and surround myself with great people and students. We have some plains for the next year and some people know what I am talking about as far as spreading my brand and taking over some projects. So if all goes well next year will be more academies , Sasquatch Open BJJ event, seminars, and top notch martial artist. Thanks for reading and now get on the mats and train!

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Not sure if this was posted, the children were laser focused this day. #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #tarpeinsdojo #Carlsongracieteam #kidsbrazianjiujitsu